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PLCs To Do List: Question #4 and Pre-assessment

The infamous question number four. We all shudder. “What if our students already know the material we are planning to teach?” Already know it!?!?!? How could they! How dare they! They’re only 12! But the sad truth is that once in … Continue reading

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PLC’s: A To Do List (Intro)

One of my jobs at my school includes helping to facilitate our PLCs. For those of you not fluent in this acronym of the educational alphabet soup, PLC stands for Professional Learning Community. In lieu of going into the history … Continue reading

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Advice to A New Parent from 8th Graders

I am- very happily, nervously, excitedly, and exhaustedly- expecting a baby boy this summer. As I read up on all the latest parenting books, make notes about feeding schedules, wash all of the baby clothes and baby sheets and baby … Continue reading

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Formative Assessment

JULY 18th and 19th!!! 8:30-1:30 Participants will : 1)    Understand the benefits of formative assessment for teachers and students. 2)    Know multiple types of formative assessments. 3)    Self-assess their ability to use formative assessment in their classrooms. 4)    Create and … Continue reading

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