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Advice For My Children: Flaws

Dearest Children of mine, You will have a flaw. In fact, you will have many flaws. But you need to know your deepest flaws. We all have surface flaws. Flaws that seem like a big deal but don’t actually matter … Continue reading

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So What?

This morning I led a mindfulness class with a group of juniors. I love leading these classes because I gain just as much as participants do from the centering, stretching, breathing, and re-prioritizing exercises. We all need reminders about how to … Continue reading

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School Should Be Like Yoga Class: The How

So my friend CajunCart, a beautiful writer and thinker and teacher (with her own blog), challenged me with this question after my last post about formative assessment and yoga: So, I responded that I’d write a post to address this … Continue reading

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Student Progress Card: When Progress Matters Most!

Along with some handwritten student reflections, my comments on Blue Harvest Feedback, and their Standards Based Grading Category Scores, my students also went home at the 5 week mark with this sheet that both they and I had filled out … Continue reading

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A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Pinterest has exploded on the social media scene as a new way to communicate your “likes” and “dislikes” and “faves” to all of your followers, without words. Now, as a word-lover, that last part seriously depresses me, but I take … Continue reading

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I stand on the steps and declare my GOAL

I just learned that back in the “old days” one used to stand on the steps of one’s particular higher-institution of learning and actually publicly “declare” outloud-to-the-masses your major course of study. These days, at least 8 years ago when … Continue reading

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CultureHack Challenge: Update

So the other day in Homeroom, I began #culturehack phase 1. The challenge I set up for my girls was this: Smile at people. Acknowledge others with eye contact and a smile as you walk down the hall. Say hello … Continue reading

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