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Advice For My Children: Flaws

Dearest Children of mine, You will have a flaw. In fact, you will have many flaws. But you need to know your deepest flaws. We all have surface flaws. Flaws that seem like a big deal but don’t actually matter … Continue reading

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The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil…

In light of the recent tragedies related to race, inequality, and violence, this Edmund Burke quote keeps flashing through my mind: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” I feel like one … Continue reading

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PLCs To Do List: Question #4 and Pre-assessment

The infamous question number four. We all shudder. “What if our students already know the material we are planning to teach?” Already know it!?!?!? How could they! How dare they! They’re only 12! But the sad truth is that once in … Continue reading

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PLC’s: A To Do List (Intro)

One of my jobs at my school includes helping to facilitate our PLCs. For those of you not fluent in this acronym of the educational alphabet soup, PLC stands for Professional Learning Community. In lieu of going into the history … Continue reading

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Advice for My Son: Purpose

Son, You won’t see purpose when you are young. Much of life will be boring for you. Much of life will be annoying. Much of life will seem like it has no point. I expect that before you are eighteen … Continue reading

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So What?

This morning I led a mindfulness class with a group of juniors. I love leading these classes because I gain just as much as participants do from the centering, stretching, breathing, and re-prioritizing exercises. We all need reminders about how to … Continue reading

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What Do Kids WANT to Study?

Facing a homeroom of fourteen boys the other day, I posed the question: What would you want to study if you could make up your own class? Here is a list of some of what they came up with: Programming … Continue reading

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