Advice for My Son: Purpose


You won’t see purpose when you are young.

Much of life will be boring for you.

Much of life will be annoying.

Much of life will seem like it has no point.

I expect that before you are eighteen (and perhaps after) you will want to be playing Playstation 2 or Capture the Flag or doing anything else besides:

  • going to church
  • listening to your teachers lecture in school
  • talking with adults
  • sitting next to the kid you don’t know
  • attending family reunions
  • going to the opera, ballet, a play, a musical, or any other theatrical event
  • making a habit of visiting the doctor, the dermatologist, and the dentist once a year
  • eating your vegetables
  • reading
  • listening to the news

There are many activities that you must do as a child that you will find that you do not want to do. Some of these activities you will still not want to do when you are an adult. However, when you are an adult, you will at least be able to see the purpose and the value in them. Truly, some wisdom can only come from experience, exposure, and age.  I do not think you can be wise as a child except in how much you accept that fact.

And so, I write to you now, when you are one and a half and your strongest objection forms as a tantrum when you do not want to get into the carseat. Please remember–when you are a little bit older, and I am dragging you to church, to Uncle Palmer’s house, to visit your grandmother, to see a play, when I am forcing you to sit at the table the whole time during a family dinner– that these things are valuable. You just might not be able to see it yet.

And you will be glad you’ve done them. But only when you’re a little bit older.

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