I stand on the steps and declare my GOAL

I just learned that back in the “old days” one used to stand on the steps of one’s particular higher-institution of learning and actually publicly “declare” outloud-to-the-masses your major course of study.

These days, at least 8 years ago when I was in college, we just check a box on a form sophmore year. I don’t think it’s quite as monumental or earth shaking.

So in the spirit of the public goal declaration, I shall stand on the steps of the internet and declare…this is it for the year!

Record your 2011-12 Primary SMART GOAL

(Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Results-oriented for learning, Time-Bound).

At each grading period, the students and I will assess each other and ourselves according to our progress toward our class essential learnings, [Reading, Writing, Research, Responsibility, Collaboration, Technology, Presentation, Discussion and Literary Devices] and reflect in writing about our assessments. By the end of the year the students and I will have crafted a Gusky Scale rubric for each essential learning.

• Predict how student learning will be enhanced as you work to implement your goal.

1) Students will be able to explain what proficiency in the skills look like. They also will take ownership of their learning.

2) Students will more fully understand the “scale” by which they are assessed since they had a hand in establishing it. This will enable them to more fully seek proficiency on their own.

3) Students will reflect on their learning towards each skill/standard, which is an important element in retention.

4) Students will see me modeling life-long learning. As they step into the role of assessor, they will get a chance to reflect as a teacher would. I am also modeling the learning attitude I hope the students will develop as they assess and reflect.

• What action steps will you take to reach your goal?

1) During each grading period, we will use class time to establish rubrics for our essential learnings. I think that stations/jigsaw may be the most effective way to do this.

2) Throughout the grading period, I will use BlueHarvestFeedback.com as a way to have concrete, frequent formative feedback to my students about their progress toward the essential learnings.

3) At each grading period, 100% of my students will evaluate my abilities on the same class essential learnings as I evaluate them. I will use Active Grade to communicate their numerical progress towards their learnings, and they will use a google doc to evaluate me.

4) At each grading period, I and my students will self-assess our abilities on a google form (the one we collected baseline data from at the beginning of the year) then write self-reflections on our blogs about our progress towards each essential learning.

5) At the end of each grading period, I and my students will reflect on our self-assessments and teacher/student- assessments in a narrative on our personal blogs.

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2 Responses to I stand on the steps and declare my GOAL

  1. John Burk says:

    Awesome Peyten. Here’s another amazing teacher, Mylene, who is thinking very similar things, with a very different audience: Teacher’s Job Skill Sheet is a Win. She teaches electronics at a 2-year technical institute in Canada. Her blog, Shifting Phases, is fantastic—the stuff about teaching reading is some of the most thoughtful writing on education to be found on any blog.

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