CultureHack Challenge: Update

So the other day in Homeroom, I began #culturehack phase 1. The challenge I set up for my girls was this: Smile at people. Acknowledge others with eye contact and a smile as you walk down the hall. Say hello to teachers, friends, even strangers. Acknowledge the other human beings who surround you on a daily basis. I have started doing this, and I challenged them to do it as well.

I’ll be checking in with them tomorrow in homeroom…. maybe it’s just me, but I feel like kids are starting to acknowledge me more.

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2 Responses to CultureHack Challenge: Update

  1. John Burk says:

    Here’s a very interesting blog post by a great math teacher at St. Ann’s in brooklyn that addresses a very similar topic to what you are trying to take on. Ignoring potential. Ignoring each other.

  2. clarkbeast says:

    I’ve always really liked the way every kid says “Thank You” when they drop their tray off in the lunchroom. It’s been YEARS since I last remember this little bit of courtesy suggested to them in an assembly, but that little bit of culture keeps thriving.

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