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FedX Days= Awesome

At some point in the year, every teacher is faced with the quandry of an “extra day.” Maybe State Testing has thrown off your schedule so one class has 3 meetings and the other has 4. Maybe a late arrival … Continue reading

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I stand on the steps and declare my GOAL

I just learned that back in the “old days” one used to stand on the steps of one’s particular higher-institution of learning and actually publicly “declare” outloud-to-the-masses your major course of study. These days, at least 8 years ago when … Continue reading

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CultureHack Challenge: Update

So the other day in Homeroom, I began #culturehack phase 1. The challenge I set up for my girls was this: Smile at people. Acknowledge others with eye contact and a smile as you walk down the hall. Say hello … Continue reading

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Being Wrong….

After my last post, I loved watching Kathryn Schultz’s TedTalk about being wrong. How do we encourage our students to be ok with being wrong? And learn from it!?

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What I should have said…

So this afternoon I found myself in an awkward, squirmy, situation. It caught me off guard, and I am ashamed to say that even after 6 years of teaching, I was not prepared to handle this one. While running errands, … Continue reading

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