Formative Assessment and SBG Faculty Forum Class

2 Hour Course: Instructors Wrenn and Dobbs

10:45-10:55: Do Now: Take short google form about formative assessment and SBG/ Introductions.

Based on the google form information, we will choose 3 tools to work on. 11:00-11:10 Tool 1; 11:10-11:20 Tool 2; 11:20-11:30 Tool 3

11:30-11:40 Short discussion about how you might use one of these tools/ What IS formative Assessment? Why should you use it?

11:40-11:50 Direct Instruction SBG: What is Standards Based Grading? Start watching at 13:22 mins.

– What is the purpose of grades? To communicate learning. *This is philosophically important.

– Old Gradebook: Tests, Quizzes, Homework, Participation….. what do these categories actually communicate?

– SBG Gradebook: Reading, Writing, Discussion, Presentation, Research, Literary Devices, Collaboration, Responsibility….. what do these categories communicate?

11:50-12:10 mins Strategy: Fishbowl Formative Feedback and Discussion of SBG. Today’s meet formative assessment.

– How might using SBG change the way you teach?

– How might SBG help your students? You?

– What are drawbacks of SBG?

12:10-12:40 Work Time: Take some time to work individually or as partners to revamp your grade books or plan to implement formative assessment strategies in your lessons.

12:40-12:45 Take the google form one more time, but this time check all of the boxes for tools that you feel comfortable trying in your classroom.

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