Klingenstein Day 11: The Final Word: “Improvement”

For our final assignment of Klingenstein, or at least the one I did last, we composed a reflection piece based off of our journal entries, our notes, and our remembrances from the last two weeks. In true English Department fashion, my English Group colleagues and I decided that one way we would share our reflections would be to put them into a wordle (www.wordle.net).

Here is mine: I love wordle because it quickly pulls out patterns that may be unconscious ones. Clearly, my learnings these last two weeks revolve around my students, my school, and the concept of change.  I’ve been thinking about diversity, critical masses, rubrics, learning, teachers, helping, knowing, thinking, and curriculum, to name a few.

One word I don’t see in there but I think reflects what I’ve really been thinking about these last two weeks is the word improvement.

I’ve been considering my own improvement as a teacher, learner, writer, reader, and colleague.

I’ve been considering my school’s improvement over the last two years and ways to continue that improvement for student learning.

I’ve been wondering about how I can help my students improve their learning.

None of this thinking about improvement means that what we’ve done isn’t “good.” I just never want to settle into thinking that what we’ve done is “good enough.” As  the seasons rotate each with their purpose, we too must rotate through the springing up of new ideas, the flourishing of their golden summers, the turning of their colors, and the grief as we let them go, not to be replaced, but to be followed by new ideas about teaching and learning.

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