Klingenstein Day 9: Sustainability

Looking ahead in the schedule, I noticed that tomorrow we are going to be hearing from Gary Giberson, the Executive Chef at Lawrenceville school, and the Owner of Sustainable Fare.

The way that he is helping his school change to a more sustainable model makes me think about ways that my school might continue to be innovative in helping our students and faculty be mindful of our environmental impacts.

I’m particularly enthused about the way that they have set up the lunchroom disposal system. Below are some pictures of the food disposal/plate busing system for your perusal:

Busing Plates and Silverware:


Clear signs above each bucket that show what goes in:

I dump my ice cream liquid into the liquids bucket:



I place my own cup into the cup wash space:


The signs that show us what to do:

More notes to come about Sustainable Eating in Education after Chef Gary’s talk!



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1 Response to Klingenstein Day 9: Sustainability

  1. Betsy says:

    Lawrenceville is on the top of their game in the sustainability world. I think that they have a full-time position on their faculty, focused solely on sustainability. Ah, we have so much to talk about when you get home!

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