Twitter for Beginners

Essential Questions:

How can I use twitter for professional development?

How can I use twitter in the classroom for student learning?


First 5 minutes: Do now: open your laptops, open and

– what is twitter, how did I get into it, how I use it

– get logged in at

Next 10 mintues: Essential Skills and questions

Essential Skills:

I know what the @ sign means

I can use a # hashtag both for searching and to be snarky. For more help, or a good laugh, see this New York Times Article.

I can link something to a tweet

I can change my profile and preferences

I know what mentions and retweets are

I follow at least one person in education

I have tweeted

Next 5 minutes: Essential Questions: Resources

1) Twitter for Professional Development (back-channeling, following educators, saving articles)

Suggestions of Educators to Follow:

All those who are post to #klingsi11

@sivers, @naisnetwork, @gcouros, @grantwiggins, @fnoschese, @jgough, @boadams1, @occam98, @djakes, @ewanmcintosh, @willrich45, @kylepace, @christianlong, @heidihaysjacob, @chrislehmann, @deacs84, @budthetheacher, @mmhoward

your principal, your fellow teachers, your students?

2) How to use twitter in the classroom: my example #20minwms, 50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom

Last 5 minutes: Questions/ survey

If you have more questions, you can find me at #klingsi11, tweet me @epdobbs, or email me!

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