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Klingenstein Day 11: The Final Word: “Improvement”

For our final assignment of Klingenstein, or at least the one I did last, we composed a reflection piece based off of our journal entries, our notes, and our remembrances from the last two weeks. In true English Department fashion, … Continue reading

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Klingenstein Day 11: Final Diversity Reflection

Reflecting back to the philosophy statement you wrote at the start of the KSI, how do issues of difference inform your teaching philosophy? What is at stake for you personally in intentionally engaging diversity issues in your role as an … Continue reading

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Klingenstein Day 10: Changing Culture

“Culture of Resistance” chapter What is the “culture of resistance”? What aspects of culturally-embedded resistance are reasonable? At my school, I think that part of the culture of resistance is against “21st century skills.” It seems there is a divide among … Continue reading

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Klingensten Day 8: Warhorse

Saturday night I went to see the play Warhorse in Lincoln Center in New York City. I can say without question that this is the best play I’ve seen. Ever. Teachers, if you have a chance to go, GO! It … Continue reading

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Klingenstein Day 9: Sustainability

Looking ahead in the schedule, I noticed that tomorrow we are going to be hearing from Gary Giberson, the Executive Chef at Lawrenceville school, and the Owner of Sustainable Fare. The way that he is helping his school change to … Continue reading

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Klingenstien Reflection Day 7: LGBTQ Issues in School

What are the biggest obstacles you face personally, and your school faces institutionally, in making your class and your community fully welcoming to LGBT students, staff, and families? What can you do about these obstacles? Tonight we watched the film, … Continue reading

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Reflection Klingenstein Day 6: PLC’s, PLN’s, Critical Friends, and Lesson Study

1) Mike Schmoker’s embrace of “learning communities” and rejection of “whole-school strategic planning” initiatives is also a rejection of traditional professional development workshops. a) do you agree with his rejection of “strategic planning”? b) What, if anything, are the implcations … Continue reading

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