I am the writer who…..

For my students’ final writing assignment of first semester, I had them reflect on their writing based on the prompt “I am the writer who..”

I almost cried for joy when I read what they wrote. Focusing on giving feedback rather than grades (this is an ungraded class) can make such a difference in the way students view their writing! I’ve never had responses as positive and as focused around growth as these before.

Just a few anonymous snippets below (Junior High level):

I am the writer who…

                I thought I knew a lot, but now I know that is not the case. I am grateful for the opportunity, and sad that this class must end. There never seemed to be enough time in class, but we did go over a lot of different aspects of writing. I was very intrigued by our voice study and looking at the three videos about global warming. I learned a lot about unconscious bias and hidden motives, and want to learn more about persuasive writing.


            I am the writer who has progressed with word choice.  I am the writer who’s [sic] vocabulary greatly expanded due games and writing practices.  I am the writer who learned more about sentence fluency, making me feel comfortable writing.  I am the writer who already felt confident with not running out of ideas, but now has an even larger imagination.  I am the writer who greatly benefited from the global warming “mini unit.”  I am the writer who now feels up to date on present situations as well as picking out facts and opinions.  I am the writer who now knows how to properly punctuate all types of quotations, even if I forget how to at times.  I am the writer whose presentation and organization already felt sufficient but now feels even better.  I am the writer who learned from the 6 + 1 Traits significantly and will now think about them every time I write.


I am the writer who thinks of a brilliant idea and slaps it on the paper right away. I am the write who likes typing my papers on the computer because the clicking of the keys. I am the writer who has improved in her conventions because I was never taught them the way I could grasp well. I am the writer who loves adding fluff. I am the writer who never stops with ideas even if they are the most random things that have poured out into my brain.  I am the writer who falls in love with her paper and wants to take it to a publicist even when it is not at its best conditions. I am the writer who loves writing and never wants to stop. I am the writer who hates the bell….because I know it is time for me to wrap everything up.


I am the writer who is filled with song and lets words flow from the soul. I am the writer of eye-catching imaginative novels, beautifully read, with a B+ on conventions. I am the writer who enjoys her work, and it shows in her word choice. I am the writer who seems too small for the depth of her writing. I am the writer who starts over and repeats and cuts and pastes and is desperate for perfection. I am the writer who wants feedback and wants to improve. I am the writer that overachieves and thinks outside the box. I am the writer who never stops thinking and explores so many ideas. I am the writer that tries to succeed. I am the writer who works hard.


            This semester in Writing Workshop has really helped with my writing. After going through learning the steps to becoming a great writer, I have found that I no longer hate writing like I used to. When I came into this class at the beginning of the year, I absolutely hated writing, and I thought that everything I wrote was horrible. I am now more confident in my writing. I feel that I have improved in almost all of the 6 + 1 traits. I am excited about how my sentence fluency, word choice, and conventions have improved even if I still have a lot left to learn.


I am the writer who has discovered that she loves researching issues of today as much as dreaming up pieces of fiction. I can now put my thoughts and opinions on the events occurring in the world into writing. As a writer, I have matured over this semester so that I’m able to craft work on a variety of topics with interest and skill. I am the writer who still love words and who continues to read to same passages of the same books over and over again. But I am also the writer who reads from a wider and wider range of topics for pleasure and incorporates these new phrases and styles into her own pieces. I am the writer who knows what to look for when revising and who now enjoys the puzzle of shifting words, ideas, and even entire paragraphs to create the right affect. I am the writer who is still a perfectionist, but a relaxed perfectionist who sees the value in the work of her peers and learns from them to correct the deficiencies of her own. I am the writer who loves writing a lot more because I have learned what it can be.


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One Response to I am the writer who…..

  1. Megan Howard says:

    I”m just seeing this post and I remember our conversations around the “I’m a writer who” idea. Your post made me want to revisit my own reflection that I wrote a year in a half ago. I wonder how much it has changed with my own shifts in my read/write/think life and in light of these shifting notions of what it means to be literate in today’s world. I hope I can find it…if I do, I’ll share!

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