Did you know?

I teach 8th grade students at a private school in Georgia. I love my job, even though this is only my second year working there, and I love my job because 8th grade students are so absolutely honest. For the most part, they haven’t yet learned the art of irony, and so their comments, while quite often hilarious, stem from a unique earnestness not often encountered in the adult world today. During my writing class today, a delightful young man, one who is always eager for attention but in a charming-can’t-help-but-assuage-that-need way, walked up to me and asked, “Ms. D, did you know that if there were xxxx number of zombies in the world, and they all ate xxx number of people every day, then they would wipe out the entire population of the world in xxx days?”

And how should I reply?

Today I replied with a smile and a truthful, “No. I did not know that.” And I thought to myself, without a trace of irony, ‘I can’t believe that this is my job.’

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