Local Cornucopia

Back in August, I recommitted myself to eating locally.

Initially, I tried to do this at Publix and Whole Foods, but I was dissatisfied with my options.  Next I tried to attend the local Saturday Farmers’ Market, but, as I was in the midst of wedding season, I was out of town every Saturday for the entire month celebrating the nuptials of friends. As you can imagine, my travel SORELY hindered my local grocery shopping success, despite the fact that I had a blast with my friends.

Eventually, I signed up for a CSA through my church with Moore Farms and Friends. Now, I order my LOCAL groceries online (everything from cheese to produce to meats) and I pick up my groceries on Wednesday.

Cooking has become so much easier, because now I pick my recipes based on what I’ve got, instead of finding a recipe and then schlepping myself to the store to purchase what I need. I am a more efficient cook!  Williams Sonoma has a fabulous cook book that has recipes listed by type of produce. I can find three ways to cook mushrooms, or three ways to use blackberries, or three ways to serve pumpkin. Easy and delicious!

Barbara Kingsolver’s book, Animal,Vegetable, Miracle really helped reinforce the importance of local eating. After trying it myself, I’ve come to realize that the benefits outweigh any inconveniences!

For more information about eating locally, sustainably, and organically in Georgia, please visit: Georgia Organics . This is a wonderful resource for those who believe that you are what you eat!

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