Why school SHOULD be like YOGA

Contorted into eagle pose, sweat slicked my arms and legs, I looked in the mirror ahead of me- adjusting my pose to perpendicular. Even though I tried to keep the focus on myself, my pose, my practice, I couldn’t help but notice the poses of others: the more advanced practitioners were twisted further, straighter. The less experienced were not quite twisted as much as me, or not quite as straight. These were observations that crossed my mind, not judgments.

The yoga teacher murmered adjustments and changes in poses as we practiced. Auditory learners benefited, I benefited. “Raise your hips and stretch out through your heels in downward dog.” Small adjustments made.

The mirrors provided learning space for visual learners. I probably used this resource too much, but hearing “stand up straighter” and then watching myself do just that in the mirror acted as reinforcing learning moments.

Finally, I was the one adjusting. My body felt each movement. It wasn’t just the yoga teacher telling me what to do, it wasn’t just a passive learning moment of watching the expert yoga teacher demonstrate, it was more. I was the participant. My moves, my body, my practice.

Persistent formative feedback.

Multiple learning styles.

Remind me why school can’t be like yoga class?

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