The Beginning: or Butt-heads and Dreams

I have thought about beginning a blog for a while. I pondered purpose; I considered content; I waxed nostalgic over the hear-wrenching wisdom I might impart through such an infinite medium. In months of day-dreamy consideration, my thoughts turned grandiose: I would write about education, local food, life lessons, and poetry. I would dream big and write bigger, spurring readers on to heretofore unexplored levels of contemplation. I would be like Socrates, Eliot, Neruda, Coelho, Fitzgerald, Eggers, Gladwell, Lichetnstein,Oliver, Twain, Emerson, Addison and Steele, Angelou, and ….

Then, confronted with cold reality in the immediacy of my creation as my fingers paused over the keyboard, I quickly realized that I was just being a butt-head.

I could not pontificate publicly or craft the minds of imagined readers. I could not inspire young men to “go west” or young women to smash the glass ceiling. I could not change the world with a word or two.

And so I settled for keeping record, with a silver, shining hope that one day, one person– even though that person will most likely be me– will be spurred onward by these words and these ideas.

This blog will be a collection of thoughts, videos, pictures, and quotes (mine and those of others) as I encounter and choose to share them.

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