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Did You Know 4.0

If you are a fan of the video Did You Know 2.o? you will be wowed by this new one, Did You Know 4.0? The rapidity of technological change continues to baffle me! We are in exponential times, as the … Continue reading

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Form follows Function in Education too

As a caveat, the following paragraphs include my rambling thoughts on an issue brought up in an article (linked below) by Larry Sanger (the founder of wikipedia), as prompted by a morning of not much to do, and this article … Continue reading

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The Responsible Consumer

I eat. I drink. I sleep on a bed. I own a home. I purchase furniture. I wear clothing. I use soap. I use bug spray. I drive a convertible. I, clearly, use a computer. I rarely think about where … Continue reading

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A life lesson in losing

This blog post reminded me of the book Free Range Kids: How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children that I wrote about earlier this month.  Most moms, faced with a child losing a book, might capitalize on the moment to teach … Continue reading

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Navigating the Social (Media) Life

This is an interesting article, especially something we might consider teaching to students as they learn how to navigate the perils of a social (media) life.

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Practice Gratitude

The practice of gratitude is one that demands a certain mindfulness of its disciples. Practicing gratitude means practicing awareness, and that means noticing each moment as it is a gift to us. Earlier this evening I was sitting at the … Continue reading

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Poem: People and Trees

8/18/09 Some people are like trees. There are the pines who grow swiftly, tall, always a touch too lofty beautiful and dangerous like earth angels stretching half grown needle wings up towards heaven aspiring too high for the spread of … Continue reading

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